Although very popular Clärchens Ballhaus still has a secret: the Mirror Hall.
After a long history and 60 years of not being used it bears all the traces of war and the passing of time. We decided not to change it and so you can see the big but partially blind mirrors, the once splendid stucco now with some missing parts, maybe the result of a bomb falling on the roof, the withered wallpaper. But you just need to light up the candles, order yourself a glass of good wine and a fine menu and the Mirror Hall turns into the perfect setting for jolly, timeless feasts (up to 200 persons).
Like the whole building the Mirror Hall is a product of the Gründerzeit (Wilhelminian era) at the end of the 19th century and its aesthetics. Singular in its preserved historical shape, the Mirror Hall is probably one of the very few places in Berlin which still show the signs of their history. The bygone splendour of the mirrors and the stucco under the high ceiling, the galantery of the reliefs and the shadowy loggia are all beeing revived when people gather again to celebrate in the Mirror Hall.